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All of your questions are about to be answered and some sh*t has hit the fan. Will Savannah and Vincent be able to live happily ever after? Will their relationship withstand prison and FBI agents? 

Between you and me, who knows what's about to happen! 

Freshly home from their nuptials and honeymoon, Savannah and Vincent begin to understand that the honeymoon is over. With the wedding present of her own real estate firm, Savannah realizes that she has a lot more to take care of and it's not as easy as she and Anne originally thought. Now the wives of made men, they have to work harder to separate themselves from the family. It's important that they are not grouped into the underworld with their new business. 

Vincent is back to doing whatever he did before their wedding but there's agents who are lurking around their private life more. However, one agent is determined to bring him and the Lucky Family down no matter what. 

Joel died. 

Who killed Joel? That is the question and even though Savannah suspects she knows who did it, the truth won't set anyone free. The FBI have inserted themselves into their life and they are not leaving. 

What happens if Vincent goes to prison? What does that mean for Savannah? What does that mean for everyone else? 

This conclusion has sensitive subjects such as infertility, babies and murder.

This was by far my favorite in the series~ Jclare84


What happens in Mexico, stays in Mexico!~ Dana Busenbark


She is amazing and keeps you wanting more~  Lew Folkerth

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